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HomeAdvisor Screened ProThe team at Affordable Roofing & Construction, LLC has been working with clients throughout the greater Denver metro area for over 15 years, providing quality roofing repairs and installations as well as a variety of other home repair services. Whether it's repairing a minor leak or replacing the entire roof, our team has the experience to make sure every project is completed properly and on time. A quality roof not only protects your home from water damage, it also adds to the home's value. At Affordable Roofing & Construction, LLC, we work with clients to make sure they have all the information needed to make the best roofing choices. 

You Have Choices

While shingled roofs continue to be the most commonly selected roofing material, there are choices of materials available. In the past, homeowners didn't have many options. Three-tab shingles were, for the most part, the only viable option available, and they are still a solid choice for many people. However, modern roofing products include a variety of shingle options to enhance your home's look. When a home looks great, it's value also increases. Even if you're not considering a move in the near future, remember that a quality roof lasts for many years and will impact the sale price even years down the road.

If you've reached the point where replacing an existing roof is no longer simply an option, our team of experts will explain the various materials available, each product's pros and cons, and discuss the installation procedure. 

Does It Make Sense to Select a Higher-Quality Roofing Product?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, roofing experts routinely recommend selecting better-quality roofing materials whenever possible. There are good, solid reasons for doing so. 

  • Higher-quality roofing requires less maintenance. While every type of roofing material requires some type of maintenance, better-quality products generally need less care over the years.
  • Better materials hold up better under extreme conditions. That means high-quality shingles are less prone to experiencing damage from our area's frequent high winds and hail. Even ice and snow are less likely to cause damage.
  • When looks are important, high-quality materials are a must. Quality shingles provide the texture and shadowing necessary to create a great look. In most cases, better materials also offer better color choices than less-costly options.
  • They last longer. High-quality materials are designed to last for many years, which is an important consideration when families are planning to remain in the same home indefinitely. Because they last longer, buyers are also willing to pay more for homes where they don't have to worry about replacing the roof soon.
  • Better materials are backed by stronger warranties. That means, should any problem develop, you're protected for longer. While it's rare for today's top manufacturers to have any problems with their products, they'll stand behind them if some type of problem should arise. 

So, the short answer is that it makes sense, in most cases, to opt for the best materials possible when replacing a roof. When you contact Affordable Roofing & Construction, LLC, we'll go over all the options with you to make sure the best choices for your needs are considered.

When Should Homeowners Have Their Roofs Inspected?

That also depends on the type of roof and whether or not severe weather has occurred in the area. It's always a good idea to give us a call if you don't know whether or not it's time for an inspection. Better materials are not subject to a lot of damage under normal conditions, but even the best roofs should be inspected periodically. Flashing materials, for example, may need maintenance even when the shingles themselves are in good condition. 

If high winds or hail have been experienced, inspecting a roof as soon as possible is a good idea. It's even more important if any damage is actually visible. We're happy to inspect a roof to determine what, if any, repairs are needed. 

Need Other Home Improvement Services?

In addition to providing the best roofing services in the area, we also install or repair:

  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Windows and Shutters
  • Garage Doors
  • Fencing
  • Painting
  • Skylights
  • Hail Damage

 Our success depends on the results we deliver, and you can expect only the best from our team of experts at Affordable Roofing & Construction, LLC. No matter what type of home improvement project you're interested in, we're happy to provide you with a complete evaluation of the project and a thorough estimate, including both materials and labor. 

Just a Little About Our Team

John Wilshusen, Affordable Roofing & Construction, LLC's owner, believes every phone call should be returned, our team should always show up on time, and every job should be completed properly the first time. We also believe in providing every client with all the information needed to make informed choices at every stage of a project. Our business is based on word-of-mouth advertising, and we want you to be happy with the results of your roof replacement or other projects. Our goal is that you'll be another proud customer!

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