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Six Tips for Choosing the Right Residential Roofing Color

When it's time for a new roof, the question that stumps most homeowners is, "what color do you want for the shingles?" It seems like a simple enough question, but it is something the homeowner is going to want to think about carefully as the color they choose can have a significant impact on the appearance of their home and their ability to sell the home in the future. Below are a few tips that can help any homeowner who needs to make this decision.

Consider the Climate

When it comes to residential roofing, many people don't stop to think about the climate in the area. However, this can be a huge factor to consider when choosing a shingle color, as darker and lighter colors can make the home hotter or cooler. Lighter colors for the shingles will deflect the sun and help keep the home a little bit cooler during summer months. Darker colors, on the other hand, are going to keep the home a little warmer and help to lower energy costs as well as help the snow melt faster during the winter.

Consider the Home's Features

The roofing for a home should compliment the rest of the exterior of the home. However, there are still guidelines for choosing the right denver residential roofing based on the exterior of the home. Although the colors should go well with the paint colors on the home, the homeowner will want to choose a color that contrasts the home if they want to highlight certain features of the home. If the home is a lighter color, choosing a darker color that compliments the rest of the home will have this effect. If the homeowner doesn't want to highlight the features of the home and instead wants to downplay them, they should choose a color that is closer to the color of the home. If the home is a lighter color, choosing a lighter color for the shingles will work well to downplay those features.

Take a Look at Other Homes

It may be a good idea for the homeowner to look at the roofs in their neighborhood to get an idea of what their neighbors have chosen. There's a wide variety of styles for denver roofing, but the homeowner might find that the trend is closer to all darker colors or all lighter colors for their neighborhood. Although the new roofing will already stand out amongst older roofs, choosing a color that is darker or lighter than the rest of the homes can make the home stand out a bit as well. If the person wishes to blend in with the rest of the area, they should look into similar colors instead.

Think About Future Buyers

One thing most roofing companies in denver will tell their clients to consider is the potential buyer for the home. While there are some shingles that will definitely stick out and be noticed, this might not be something a home buyer would want. Unless the roof is going to need to be replaced when the home is sold, it's a good idea to stick with more traditional colors so the homeowner has a higher chance of selling the home when they do decide to move, even if it's not for quite a few years.

Check Out Online Tools

A homeowner might have the option of checking into various tools online that could help them figure out the right color for their shingles. While they might not want to base their entire decision on these tools, it can help them narrow down their options and determine a few different possibilities that would look great on their home. Trying a variety of tools might not take a long time and can help the homeowner see what their home would look like if they chose a certain color.

Consider the Homeowner's Association

If the home is in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association, the homeowner needs to check with the HOA to find out what colors are acceptable for their roof. Failing to do this could lead to fines or needing to fix the shingles in the future. However, even if they do live in a homeowner's association, they likely do have quite a few options and can look to the tips above to determine which one of their options is going to be the right one for their home.

Choosing the right color for roofing in Denver is incredibly subjective, but there are a few pointers that can help a homeowner make the right choice. Since the homeowner isn't going to want to change their roof again within the next few years, they should take the time to carefully consider their options and determine the right roofing color for them before they contact a roofer for the installation. If they do need any help, however, the roofing contractor will likely be able to give them a few suggestions to help them narrow down their options.

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